Why do we need strict rules on advertising?

The goal of every credit provider is, of course: provide as much credit as possible. After all, this is how they earn money. Therefore, those that run advertisements for credit, want people to loan money. So far, so trivial.

But credit can be harmful for consumers. Commercials that openly entice consumers to take out loans should therefore not exist. Moreover, advertising should not be misleading. Oftentimes, offers that are promoted with low interest rate figures hide their real costs in the fineprint. We need strict and uniform rules to protect consumers from such deceptive practices.

Foto von Artem Beliaikin von Pexels

I am particularly concerned that there should not be personalised advertising for consumer credit. Just consider how harmful it is when shady providers can explicitly target people in financial difficulties. This is why we need a strict ban of personalised ads and microtargeting.